Monday, June 7, 2010


My little Carson-man turns 5 today....FIVE....CINCO.....HOLY COW!!!  He told me this morning that he can't believe he's five and that he keeps forgetting...funny kid.  He also said that now that he's five he's a big kid and needs to be nice to everyone.  Which actually, he has been super nice to Brynlee and his friends long do you think this will last?  Today is Carson's special day and we have plans to go out somewhere special for dinner tonight, but the real celebrating happened on Saturday.  Per Carson's request, I planned a surprise party for him on Saturday.  We even got him a big trampoline and Dan secretly set it all up for the surprise party.  Carson went to his friend, Ella's house for a playdate in the morning and then Ella's mom brought him home for the surprise.  I knew he knew nothing about it...but remember, he WANTED this!  He had told me numerous times over the last few months that he wanted a surprise party where everyone jumps out and yells "Surprise!".  So, Carson arrived for his surprise, I told him I wanted to show him something in the backyard and when we came around the house into the backyard, everyone yelled "SURPRISE!".  And what did Carson do?  He just stood there...frozen...for about 5 seconds, until he turned around and buried his face in my shirt and started to cry.  Really???  That was not the reaction I was shooting for.  Remember...he WANTED this!  He was bawling and I couldn't calm him down, so we went inside.  Where I still couldn't calm him down.  So, I had Dan come inside to help me calm him down.  After about another 10 or so minutes with Dan, they finally came down to the party.  But, he wasn't over the shock yet, he barely would look at anybody and he ate lunch in the bathroom...silly kid.  I knew he was sensitive, but I never thought about him reacting this way.  He was embarrassed and worried that he wouldn't know everyone at the party.  He did get over it after a while and enjoyed bouncing on his new trampoline, hitting the Transformer's pinata, and opening up presents.  He got TONS of presents and loved every one...thanks everybody!  So, the party was a least after the surprise part :)

After the party, our Maryland friends stayed to hang out a while.  Then a bunch of us went to a super fun water park. It's basically a shallow pool with fake palm trees, pirate ships, water canons, etc.  It is sooo much fun and perfect for little kids.  We stayed much longer than I thought we would because the kids were having a blast!  It was a really fun and busy day...I was beat by the end of the day!

Tonight for Carson's birthday we took him to a Japanese Steak House.  We actually wanted to go a couple weeks ago for my brother Ken's birthday, but he didn't end up being here for his birthday, so we went tonight (by the way, my oldest brother, Ken, is living with us for the summer for an internship and we are soo excited to have him here!).  A japanese steak house is not what I would have thought of for a 5 year old's birthday, but it was sooo fun!!  The kids have NEVER been so well behaved at a restaurant.  The cook was AMAZING!!!  He juggled his knives, made huge flames, threw eggs around, made a onion volcano, etc.  The kids were in awe!  They absolutely LOVED IT!!!  And the best part was that we had told them it was Carson's birthday and so at the end of dinner then turned on the loudest, craziest, japanes-iest, birthday song and brought him some ice cream, a balloon hat, and snapped a picture of the occasion (As soon as we get some USB cord thingie in the mail, I'll scan in the Polaroid picture).  It was soo cute and Carson was loving it!  He kept saying "I didn't know they were going to do that!".  It was a really fun birthday for a really fun kid.

  Here's 5 things I love about my Carson-man.

1.) He still loves to cuddle with his mommy...and I love it too!
2.) He loves telling jokes...whether they're actually funny of not.
3.) He still loves all things scary....monsters, bugs, halloween, ghosts, etc.
4.) He is sweet and sensitive.
5.) He has the best smile!