Thursday, July 28, 2011


We prepared some "P"ackages for our favorite missionaries for the letter P.  We have a good friend who's son is on a mission in California (he's the brother of our awesome babysitter) and another friend who is on a mission in Singapore.  We prepared some surprise packages for them!  The kids and I went to Target to pick out all sorts of goodies.  We asked their moms what they liked and got some treats and Mac & Cheese (I guess they don't have that in Singapore?) for them.  We also threw in some cards and well wishes.  The kids loved putting everything in the boxes and taping them up so they were ready to ship. 

"O"atmeal Cookies baking in the "O"ven

For the letter "O" we baked Oatmeal cookies!  Our neighbors came over and the kids all took turns adding ingredients into the bowl and stirring.  The kids loved helping and especially loved eating the cookies!  Yum!


Next up on our Alphabet journey is the letter "N".  We explored our "N"eighborhood for this letter.  We drove around and saw all the different things around where we live.  We talked about what kind of things are in houses, trees, playgrounds, pools, friends, etc!  We have a lot of new houses going up in our neighborhood, so we also saw lots of bulldozers and construction workers. 

Ready to go the car (that's what you do in 100 degree heat!)
 Our neighborhood playground
 The pool house
 The back (phase II) of our neighborhood.  Still room for more houses!  This back area was completely empty when we moved there are 20 + houses back there!

 Anyone want to buy this house and live by us!!

One of our favorite places in the neighborhood is the pool...we go there all the time!  Carson and Brynlee have taken swim lessons this summer and have been doing great!  They are both super comfortable in the water and are doing great learning the freestyle stroke.  Both of them love to dive for toys, jump off the side, and Bryn loves to do forward and backwards flips in the water too!  Check out the videos!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Ahoy Matey!!!

My diaper is full...

....full of fashion!!  I poo in blue!  I had to try these funny "jean" diapers.  They make me smile every time I put them on little Lincoln.  Or maybe it's just Lincoln that's making me smile.  Seriously, this kid is such a sweetheart...I love him!!!

"M"etro to the "M"useum

Dan's parents were in town this week and we had a great time hanging out with them!  For the letter "M" of our alphabet summer, we took the "M"etro and went downtown to a "M"useum.  We went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, full of bones, animals, dinosaurs, bugs, gems, and the Hope Diamond!  Grandma and Grandpa and the kids had a great time!

Here are a couple more pictures from our visit with Grandma and Grandpa Loveridge