Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ken, Punkins, and Hair OH MY!

On tuesday my brother Ken flew in from Indy just to have lunch with me and the kiddos!!! Okay, maybe he had a job interview too, but I'm sure the real reason he came was to see me, right? We had a great 3 hours can come any time Ken, but next time bring your cute wife and kid too! Here are some pictures documenting him being here...i love the look on the kid's faces in the last one.
Today we went with our preschool friends to a pumpkin patch. It had a nursery rhymes theme and a fun little petting farm. Carson loved feeding the sheep and playing on the big rainbow slide. He is sooo excited for Halloween tomorrow!

And on a side note, Bryn's hair is getting long enough to do little fun!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What's Great???

What's Great?......

......A donut sooo big that you have to use TWO hands just to hold it!!!

What's Great?......

..........A halloween package from gma & gpa Loveridge with lots of fun things...including cute halloween shirts for the kiddos (and of course I just couldn't resist making some fun pants to go with it!)

What's Great?..............
..........Matching outfits; I just had to get this cute fabric! My poor kids are doomed to suffer from me dressing them alike (only every now and then).

What's Great?............

......This kid.....

.....and this one too!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Low-Down

This is what's going on at our house....

....well, we are still in our house, no news on selling it yet!! We just lowered our price and have another open house's hoping!

....Tami and I did our first craft show last weekend. It was the first of the fall/winter season and it was fun as usual! We love getting to spend time with the PUGS for a weekend. We've got more craft shows coming soon!

....The ward halloween party was spooktacular! Carson was SOOOO excited to go to the party and dress up in his tiger costume (thanks Gma Loveridge for making that 20+ years ago...he LOVES it!). Brynlee was a cute lion (with a bow in her mane, of course). Since we had a couple of animals, Dan and I dressed up as zookeepers. The party was great...chili, cornbread, treats, a costume parade, and trick-or-treating...what fun!!!

....Brynlee is walking more and more and getting quite good at it. She has been very adventurous in learning to walk and as most 2nd children, does her best to try to keep up with the older kids. Carson is still so sweet with her and plays with her and tries to keep her out of trouble. Sharing has been slightly difficult lately, but we're working on that.
....Carson LOVES halloween and has been so fun lately. He is always wanting to go see "scary guys" at walmart or sam's club....or look at his costume magazine (the flyer that came in the mail from Party City)....or put on his Tiger costume....or his Devil mask....or watch the Scooby Doo halloween show....or read a Halloween book....he LOVES halloween!!! I can't wait to go trick-or-treating with him.

....We had fun going to Larriland Farm. We've been going there for the last few years and this year they had made some nice improvements to the farm. We had perfect weather for a fun hayride through the forest. We also enjoyed a yummy apple fritter and some hot apple cider...yum!

....A few weeks ago I bought tickets to go visit my sister in Wisconsin with the kids. We'll be going for 10 days. Although slightly anxious about the plane ride there, I CAN'T WAIT to have some fun time with my sister. I sure wish we lived closer!!!

....The nursery kids got to sing "I Am A Child of God" in the primary program yesterday. Carson was so cute going up there and singing. When he came back down to our seat he said "I did it!" cute!

....Here's something funny Carson said lately:
me: Do you know what grandpa Loveridge's name is?
Carson: ummmmmm, nope
me: It's Woody!
Carson: Nooo (with a cute smirk)
me: no, really it is...his name is Woody! Do you know what grandpa Simmons' name is?
Carson: BUZZ!!!!

....Something cute that Bryn has said lately: Wha-a-a-a (said spooky like; she'll mimic Carson doing cute!)

Okay, that's all for now.

Monday, October 13, 2008


We went to the National ZOO today! Dan had off for Columbus Day and so we took advantage of the nice warm weather. It was a great day and the kids had fun seeing all the anilmals, who were all out enjohing the weather too! Carson's favorite animal was the Tiger. Brynlee liked all the big fish and turtles swimming around in the water. Dan and I, well, we like the two crazy animals that we are some recent pictures of our crazies!!

OH....and one video of white trash Brynlee walking....she's doing it more and more and is soo cute!

Monday, October 6, 2008


This just in....Brynlee took her first steps today!! I was talking on the phone with Dan (he was on his way home from work) and all of the sudden , Brynlee stands up and takes a few steps...crazy!!! She has been standing up in the middle of the room here and there for a week now, but that was the first time she took some steps too! It was soo cute to see her get so excited about it. Carson was really excited too! We'll see if she keeps it up tomorrow...Go Brynlee!!!


We went to Hershey Park on Saturday and had a FABULOUS TIME!! This was our 3rd year going and it was tons of fun! Carson LOVED all the rides he got to go on. There are actually a lot of rides for his age...his favorite was the Frog Hopper. Since there were no lines, he went on that one 6 times in a row! He also liked the Starship, mini scrambler, and swings. There are also several rides for Brynlee too. I think her favorite was the carousel. When she was riding it she kept shaking her head like she wanted it to go and then would look at me and cute! There are also fun rides for mommy and daddy. We took turns going on the new roller coaster, Fahrenheit, and also on Storm Runner. Those two coasters ROCK!! It was a great day, the kids were great and we had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008