Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

We ended up having a quiet New Year's Eve this year, even though we tried to make arrangements to go to two different parties.  We ended up staying at home and we did Dan's family tradition of Fondue and the kids loved it! 
Here's to a happy and healthy 2011!!


The kids have ALWAYS wanted to go to Build-a-Bear!!!  Of course we go there and watch other kids make their new favorite stuffed animal, but we never would let our kids make one...those things are expensive!  Well, the day finally came that we decided to let them do it.  We had money that was suppose to be used on them from Dan's grandma for Christmas and we also told them it was a new special "big brother/big sister" gift from their soon-to-be little brother (did I mention that I'm going to be induced on January 14th!).  So, here is our Build-a-Bear experience in pictures:

First Carson and Brynlee picked out their "bears".  Carson picked a wolf and Brynlee picked an "ICarly" purple sparkly bear.  They also picked a sound for their bears.  Carson picked a bark for his wolf and Brynlee picked a "magic" sound for her bear.  Then they took them over to get stuffed.  They both wanted them to be squishy soft.
Once they are stuffed, but before they sew them up, they have to pick out a heart for their bear.  The Build-a-Bear worker has them do all sorts of stuff to the heart before they put it in their animal.  Here they are making a wish.

Then they take their animals over to the bath to clean them off.

Then off to the dressing room!  Carson dressed his wolf in a hoodie and Bryn picked a ballerina/princess dress complete with shoes and a hairbow!

Then over to make them their birth certificates.  Carson named his wolf, Wolfy.  And Bryn named her bear, Princess. 
Then you go to check out and get a house for your animal....
...and your dad pays lots of money for your little stuffed toy :) 
The kids LOVED going to Build-a-Bear!!!  They have been carrying around their animals all day!  I hope they had a good experience, b/c that was probably a one time experience.  It sure was fun to see their excitement!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


We spent the day and even slept overnight at my good friend, Mary's house.  Mary's daughter, Lindsey, is one of Carson's favorite friends and Brynlee loved playing with her son, Rand.  The kids got along soooo well the whole time we were there!  One of their favorite things to do was to run around in Mary's large backyard and climb the trees.  The kids actually got pretty high up in the tree...take a look!

Thanks for the fun time Mary and family!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Dress

The kids looked cute this morning before church, so I snapped a few pictures.  Unfortunately they didn't really want to have their pictures taken...oh well, they're still cute.  Brynlee's dress was a cute cream colored sweater dress with silver sequins on the skirt.  I stuck a big red poinsettia flower in her hair to make her outfit more Christmas-y.  Next week our church time changes to 1pm and the kids move up a class in primary.  Which means that Brynlee won't be in nursery anymore...she'll be a sunbeam!!!!

Trying to get a picture
"Hey Carson, put your arm around Brynlee".  And Brynlee's usual response.
Oh, that's better.  You guys really DO like each other!


We had a great time celebrating Christmas all month long!  We loved having neighbors over for the nativity puppet show, visiting the temple lights, driving round the neighborhoods looking at lights, going to the Bull Run Festival of lights, eating lots of treats, watching Christmas movies and listening to lots of Christmas music.  The month of December just seemed to fly right by!!!  Christmas day was a great day for us too!  The kids were soo excited and loved opening all their presents.  Carson woke up at 7:15am, but we made him wait about 20 mins longer before we went to wake up Brynlee.  It is so fun to see the excitement on your kids faces when it's time to go see if Santa came.  They were not disappointed!  It's so easy getting gifts for little kids...they have not gotten into all the expensive stuff's great!  After all the gifts were opened, we had a yummy breakfast and then I had to go to work for 4 hours.  When I came back, Dan had the turkey in the oven and was cleaning the house before our friends came over for dinner.  We had a great dinner and spent the night chatting away.  It was a great Christmas!

Ready for Morning
Quick picture before going downstairs
Santa Came!!!
Dan's enormous box of chocolates (he bought that for himself!)
Brynlee opening her pillowcase
A gifts to Daddy from Carson
Carson got Brynlee a little pink monkey...this has been her FAVORITE gift!!!
Cute Kids
My new necklace from pretty!
Brynlee loved her new dance bag
Carson checking out his magic set
A new costume...and alien!!!  He wore this for hours!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Tradition

It is a tradition in Dan's family to have an assortment of cheese and crackers for Christmas Eve dinner.  They also have yummy cranberry juice ice cubes with gingerale.  It's a fun tradition, but we've since added an assortment of appetizers to the menu too.  We have gotten together with Dan's brother, Eric, and his family for this tradition ever since we've been married.  The kids all love playing together and we have fun munching and talking.  Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Eve Tradition from tonight....oh, and a cute picture of Dan holding Eric's new puppy.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Temple Lights

We went to see the lights at the DC Temple tonight with our awesome neighbors.  We met for dinner first, then to the temple to see all the pretty Christmas lights.  We also watched a nice musical performance from the Sister Missionaries.  It was a fun we're ready for Christmas!

Just a couple pictures of Miss Bryn

Carson built this awesome Marble Works tower, but it was a little too high for Brynlee.  So, she jumped up on the table to reach the top....funny girl!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The First Snow!!!

We got our first real snow yesterday!  And in true Virginia style, school was closed an hour early yesterday and cancelled for today!  There is only an inch or two out there, but Virginia can't handle it!  The kids immediately wanted to play in it, so we played outside for an hour or so.  Carson loved making snow angels and running around in the snow. 

Brynlee preferred to just lay in it and eat it. 

Happy Snow Day!!!

A girl and a puppy

As soon as our Christmas decoration box was opened and Brynlee saw this puppy, she adopted him for her own.  She has been carrying him around for weeks now!  She carries him around the house, tucks him into bed with her, takes him to Walmart and introduces him to everyone she sees...."this is my puppy, Batman, he can talk!".  She named him Batman because our friends have a real dog named Batman (he's actually black though).  The funny thing about this dog is that he use to sing "Rockin' around The Christmas Tree" in a very upbeat way...well, he's a bit sick now and sings it in a very low, slow, drawn out's quite painful actually.  But, despite his terrible singing, Brynlee wants everyone to hear him...funny girl! 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Primary Program

The ward Primary Program was today.  They focused on Christ and Christmas and it was such a nice program.   Carson was eager to go up and sat in his seat really well.  He sang "Little Jesus" with three other boys right at the beginning of the program.  It was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes.  Who knew I was going to be one of those mothers that cries when she is so proud of her child.  I was just so proud of him and he looked so cute up there!  The program was is definitely my favorite Sacrament meeting of the year!  Here are the words to the song Carson sang.

Fairest little Jesus child,
Came to Earth so meek and mild.
Came to Earth to show the way,
Praise we sing on Christmas day.

Fairest little Jesus child,
From the Heavens angels smiled.
We a gift before thee lay,
Praise we sing on Christmas day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting closer

I'm 34 weeks pregnant now...the time has flown by!!!  I knew it was going to speed up right at the end during all the holidays.  For the most part, I've been feeling great!   I'm starting to make sure everything is ready for when the baby comes.  I've already got his nursery ready and clothes all sorted and put away awaiting his arrival. 

Now, I just need to guarantee that he doesn't come in too big of a hurry.  Fast is fine, as long as we make it to the hospital.