Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monster Jam!

Dan and Carson went to the Monster Jam!!  They went with my brother Ken and his son, Jake.  They all had a BLAST!!  Both Carson and Jake brought there little toy GraveDigger cars and loved seeing the real one! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

12 months

Lincoln is 12 months old today!  Man, the time has just flown by!!!

 At 12 months old, Lincoln can:

*crawl super fast!
*pull up on anything and walk along anything.
*stand by himself, but no walking yet!
*has two little teeth barely poking out...and it looks like more on the way!
*does a cute scrunchy face smile
*loves his family!
*loves to scream
*eats anything and throws food on the floor when he's done.
*loves to play with pots and pans
*is a very busy boy!

And here he is every month for the first year of his life!

And of course a few pics of the other kids at the same age.



It has been ONE year since we brought this sweet baby home...

....I can hardly stand it!  I can honestly say that I have truly enjoyed his first year of life.  I have enjoyed every minute of his fun and sweet personality.  He really has been such a friendly and social little guy.  He has more recently become much more feisty and getting into lots of trouble.  He loves to get into anything he shouldn't...especially anything electronic (much to Dan's dislike).  He has recently discovered that he has a talent for screaming and works on perfecting this new talent all the time.  Also, a new trait that is driving us crazy!  So, our sweet baby boy has grown up and grown crazy!  But, we still love him!  He still has a super sweet toothless smile (well, there are now two little teeth barely poking out the bottom) that lights us up!  I love this big one year old!!!  Here are some pictures from his birthday!

We had a party and invited all of Lincoln's biggest fans...he has a lot!

All of his friends helped him open his presents!

And he enjoyed a cupcake!

My friend Jen (she's amazing!) came over in the morning and did a little photoshoot with Linc.  He would NOT stay put more than 1 second...that is until we gave him a cupcake...he loved that!

Happy Birthday Linky-doo...we sure do love you!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

We have a FIRST!!!

Carson lost his FIRST tooth today....yippeee!!!!  He was so excited back in November when he realized one of his teeth was a smidge wiggly.  After further inspection by me, I realized that his adult tooth was actually already coming in behind his baby tooth.  So, TWO months later we finally got that tooth out!  He did not want us to pull it out and wouldn't do it himself so it was just hanging by a thread.  Today after dinner I asked him if I could see how wiggly it was today and before he knew it I popped it out.  He was soo excited that it came out that he wanted to call his grandparents to tell them all about it.  Then he put it in his monster tooth fairy pillow.  He can't wait for her to bring him money...I hope he's happy with $1! 
Sorry the pictures are a bit bloody, this is right after we pulled it out.