Tuesday, October 27, 2009

should I??

Tonight we went to a party at one of Dan's old co-workers houses. While we were there, I needed to go potty (there is a point to this). Of course, both kiddos wanted to go to the potty with me too...hey why not? I'm use to going potty with two little kids hanging out with me, right? Once I was done...Carson needed to go. So, he went. Once he was done, Brynlee wanted to go. So, she went. Yep...you read that right....Brynlee went pee-pee on the potty for the FIRST time tonight...what a big girl!!! She was so proud of herself and kept saying "I diddit". She has been pretending to go potty for a couple months now, but this is the first time anything actually happened. So, I guess you could say she is interested. Do I really want to start potty training her now? She's just a couple months younger than Carson was when I started him....but I'm not sure I'm ready to potty train...it's such a pain! Although, maybe she'll be easier. I don't know! Should I try?

Sometimes I'm a Cool Mom...

...and make worm infested hot dogs to eat for lunch!! YUM!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a great trip to Utah, even considering the circumstances. The only problem was that the trip was too short...from Friday morning to Sunday night. The traveling was a breeze and I couldn't help but enjoy my alone time :) As soon as I got my rental car I went straight to my favorite quilt shop and got a bite to eat at Cafe Rio. I know, I was going for a funeral, right? But, I promised Dan that I would take a little alone time too since I've been wishing for it lately. After that I went to my grandma Simmons house where my parents were staying. My mom and I were able to go fun a few errands and also hit a few fabric stores. It was fun to be with my mom and talk with her. I think it was a nice break for her from all the funeral planning. That evening was the viewing and it went very well. My grandma was a SUPER social person, so there were quite a few people at both the viewing and the funeral. My grandma looked beautiful, just like I remember her. She always had her "face on" and her hair done and fingernails done. She was always well put together. The next day, Saturday was the funeral and it was perfect. Everything about it was just lovely. The speakers were amazing and paid a beautiful tribute to her. The overall theme of her life was that she LOVED music and would always be singing and that she was a super social and kind woman who loved everyone, especially her family. She had many great accomplishments and a witty sense of humor. While at the funeral, I realized that I have a lot in common with my grandma, but that there are many things that she had that I wish I did...or characteristics she had that I wish I had. Remembering her and what a kind, loving, and fun lady she was really made me want to be a better person...be more like her. She was raised in the depression and her father left her family, yet she was always optimistic and happy. I am determined to be more like her. Happy, patient, caring, outgoing, giving, self-less...she truly was an amazing woman! My mom said that the best way to honor someone is to try to be a better person...and that's what I'm going to do. So, after the funeral services, we went to the graveside service, which was short and sweet. After that we went to a luncheon at the chapel and then to my uncle's house. We were able to sit around and reminisce of the good old times. It was soo fun to see cousins and aunts and uncles that I haven't seen in years. The next day I had to leave to go back home. I loved being there and was so glad I was able to go. It was nice to be there for my mom and spend some time with her. My grandma will truly be missed....we love you grandma Hatch!!!

And if you don't believe me that she was ALWAYS singing...here are two videos of her when we visited in July.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grandma Hatch

My grandma Hatch died this morning. She was an AMAZING woman! I have tons of fun memories of her and also my grandpa Hatch, who died a few years ago. If I could be even half the woman she was, then I would be doing great!!! She had a heart of gold and a witty sense of humor. She loved to sing and loved to entertain company. She also LOVED her family and always loved to tell everyone about them and their accomplishments. I love you grandma Hatch...you will be missed!!! I'm excited that it actually works out that I'll be able to go out to UT for the funeral. I'll only be there from friday till sunday, but i'm glad I can go. Here are some pictures of us with grandma a few months ago in July when we were in UT.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I can't believe it is already October...where does the time go?? I have been feeling the fall bug for weeks now, but haven't had the chance to decorate. But, I did get this super cute wreath from my parents for my birthday...and I put it on my newly painted red door (thanks Dan!).

Oh, and there isn't really a smudge on the door molding...I smudged out the house number...you know, just
in case :)

Isn't fall stuff purdy??