Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Handy Danny!

Dan has been working super hard on our basement bathroom for the last month.  We saved money by not finishing it when we finished the rest of the basement.  But, Dan was ready to take it on and he did an AMAZING job!!  With a little help from his dad while they were here for Christmas, he was able to do the whole thing by himself.  We did it "on the cheap", but I don't think it looks cheap at all!  The flooring is sticky backed vinyl squares, the vanity was half off b/c of damage (which i don't even notice), and we took the cheap route for almost everything else too.  Dan also got a water efficient toilet, which I still think is a little weird.  I'm getting use to it now, but it took a while to get use to pushing a button on top, instead of on the side.  Anyway, I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out!!  Great job Dan...you're the best!!!  

The before picture was before the rest of the basement was finished.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today Brynlee spilled a little milk from her cup. Dan went to clean it up and she started yelling "Mickey House, Mickey House!". When we looked at the spilled milk, it looked exactly like Mickey Mouse! Now, if that isn't proof that my daughter is a genius, I don't know what is.

And her older brother, Carson, is no dummy either! The other day he came down from his room with these "instruments" that he had made. I think a rubber band stretched across a pirate ship is quite ingenious, don't you? And here's a song he wrote all by himself.

And in case this isn't proof enough that Carson is smart, I think we'll get him glasses to make it more obvious. He's really getting glasses...more on that later.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Okay, I think I'm ready...

...for SUMMER!!!  This weekend the weather got up to something like 50 degrees...ahhh, nice.  

This weekend we went swimming at an indoor pool...with a slide!  ahhh, nice. 

We had a great weekend.  I think I'm ready for summer now. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

when did she get so old?

 Have you ever put your kid in a new outfit, or took a picture of them and think "when did they get so old?".  Well, today I did both.  I put Bryn in this new outfit (well, new to her b/c I got it for free at the church commodity swap...sweet!) and then I took some pictures of her and well, she just looks so big to me!  The clothes are all 4T, so I guess she's not a small child...but she's only 2! 
She's my baby, right? 

She just looks so old...but then she reminds me that she's not that old by doing something like this:

Why is she in an excersaucer?  Don't ask me!  
What a funny girl!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dan's Work Party

We went to Dan's work party on saturday night and it was super fun!  They had it at the Air & Space Museum, which was an interesting location, but ended up being pretty cool!  We had awesome food, great friends to talk to, and a fun time dancing a bit.  We also got a private showing of "Dolphins" on the big IMAX screen and had fun walking around looking at all the the airplanes and space shuttle.  It was nice to finally get out and go on a date, we definitely need to do that more often!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Carson is no longer a Sunbeam...*sigh*.  My little boy is growing up.  He is now in the CTR 4 class and sits on the 3rd row in the primary room.  He was so excited to get his very own CTR ring and wanted to take a picture of it.  He is still as handsome as ever and can be soo sweet at times.  I can't help but think about how he will be starting school this year...yikes!  I've been looking forward to things like this since he was born and now I'm just not sure I want him to grow up so fast.  I guess I don't have a choice.  I love you Carson-man!

My little Brynlee-girl moved up to the "big kid nursery" today too.  When did she get so old?  We told the nursery workers that she just started potty training this week so if she asks to go, feel free to take her.  When we picked her up after the two hours, they said she asked them twice and went both times...wow!  Her sticker chart is almost full and it looks like she will get her grand prize (dinner at Chuck E Cheese) tomorrow....I thought it would take her several weeks to get all those stickers!  Can this really be this easy?  I love you Brynlee-girl!

Dan has been working super hard on our basement bathroom.  He is finishing the whole thing himself (with some help from his dad while they were here) and it looks fabulous!  I can't wait to show you pictures!

Have you tried Picnik yet?  Seriously...go try it now!  It is sooo fun!  That's where I made my new header and have totally been using it on my crafty blog.  Love. It. 

Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Brynlee has had a couple of "firsts" this week.  The first one being that we decided to try potty training her this week.  Since Carson doesn't have preschool this week, I thought it would be a great time to stay at home and focus on potty training.  I have been avoiding this, but she has been really interested lately, so we thought we would give it a shot.  Well, it's only been a couple of days and she's doing pretty good.

She has a potty chart

A container of potty treats

A little doll that pees on the potty too (thanks Aunt Lynece!)

And a cute little smile when she actually goes! (okay, is that not the cutest picture ever!?)

She has had a few accidents, but several successes. She has even told us several times that she needs to go...and then goes!  She even woke up in the middle of the night to go...now that's crazy!

So, so far, so good.  We'll keep giving it the old college try and maybe she'll be easy to potty train (knock on wood).  I'm sure hoping so, I HATE potty training!!

***Today's Update: it's only day 3, but Bryn did AWESOME today!!!  She only had one accident and that was b/c she told Dan she needed to go and he didn't believe her b/c she had just gone 10mins before....she really did need to go, she wasn't kidding!  Oops!!  But, she told us when she needed to go today and she went...amazing!!!  Maybe she will be easy...knock on wood.

The other first for Brynlee was her first haircut.  The boys were getting haircuts and she said she wanted one too...so I said "sure, why not!".  She took her shirt right off (like the boys do) and sat on the chair.  She sat still the whole time I sprayed her hair with cold water, combed out all the knots, and cut it.  Don't worry, I only trimmed it.  She was soo cute sitting there and sooo happy!