Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was a pain getting there....

....but soooo worth being there!!!! We went camping this weekend and had a GREAT time!!! After much complaining on my part about all the stuff we had to take (basically half the house) to go camping, we got to Blue Knob state park on friday night and had an awesome weekend camping there. We went with about 100+ people from our ward and another ward to a beautiful part of the country in Pennsylvania. The camp ground was awesome with nice cabins (no electricity, but very nice), a big mess hall, and not so terrible bathrooms! It was sooo beautiful out there. We had an awesome time hanging out with some of our closest friends. The kids also LOVED camping!! Carson was in heaven; just running around with friends, playing with rocks and sticks, roasting marshmallows by the fire, getting dirty, peeing on trees....everything that BOYS love to do!! Bryn was a peach and was great all weekend. Both kids took naps each day and slept great at night...despite the frigid temperature. I especially enjoyed seeing my kids so happy and spending time talking with friends. We had a couple fun nights of laughing around the campfire till late into the night...it was great!!! It was so much fun that we hope we can do it again next year (I'll just need an attitude adjustment for the packing/getting ready to go part :) Here are some pictures....only a few, b/c our camera broke half way through, bummer!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Bryn is 8 months!!!

She just keeps growing! Here are some fun facts about Brynlee:

*She is a very happy baby who loves attention from anyone willing to give it to her. This is very exciting news since the first few months was the opposite.

*She LOVES her big brother. By far, he can make her laugh the most! He loves to play and talk with her when they first wake up. I can hear them upstairs laughing together...it's so cute!

*She sits up very well and is very close to crawling. She tries so hard, but just doesn't get the forward motion yet.
*She is very drooly, but no teeth yet!

*She takes 3 naps during the day and sleeps 12h at night.

*She is getting more and more light brown hair.

*She can now eat itty bitty finger foods.

*We just moved her up to a big girl car seat.

*She loves to be tickled; especially on the neck and inner thighs.

*She wears size 12m-18m clothes!

Bryn, you are such an awesome addition to our little family!! I love you baby girl!

On Saturday, Tami and I had another craft fair for our All The Trend business. This one was a outdoor street festival with TONS of vendors and food and LOTS of people. It was a lot of work (Thanks to the hubbies and Amy!), a lot of fun, and our best show yet!!!

Our website should be up and running pretty soon and we look forward to that. Here are a few pictures of our booth:

Friday, May 16, 2008

A new record!!!

I think I just made a new record for myself!! I finished a book in 5 days!!!! This is HUGE b/c I don't like to read...really, I just don't really like to. When and if I do read, my favorite type of books are human survival type books. For example, other books I have actually CHOSEN to read are Alive (Rugby team who's plane crashed in Andes and they decided to eat the bodies of those that died), Man's Search for Meaning (a book written by a concentration camp survival), and Between a Rock and a Hard Place (the guy that got his arm stuck while rock climbing in UT and eventually cut it off himself). So, when Dan gave me the book Mistaken Identity (about two girls who's identity was switched during a fatal accident) for Mother's day, I was very interested in reading it. I was already about 60 pages (those 60 pgs have taken me about a month to read) into the book Eclipse, and so I didn't plan on reading my new book until i was done with that one...but I read the prologue of my new book and got hooked!!! Five day's later and I finished it...it's a new record!!! So, obviously I liked the book. It's hard to say I "liked" the book or "enjoyed" the book b/c it is a tragic and completely true story. But, I was very intrigued by it and inspired by it. The two families whole reason to write the book was to help lift others and give them hope through their story of faith, so it has a lot of religious things in it as well. It had me close to tears many times and yet is very inspiring. I definitely would recommend it.

Now I got to go back to reading my novel, which I don't really have much desire to read at this point. I should probably finish it though. (this is my attitude towards most reading)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Top Ten Reason's Why I Love My Mother!! (in no particular order)

10.) She taught me to be independent.

9.) She is always supportive.

8.) She gave me my sewing machine!

7.) She is hilarious!

6.) She is faithful.

5.) She is fun to walk around the mall with (we did that a lot when I was a teenager)

4.) She is selfless.

3.) She is kind and loving.

2.) She is fun!!!

1.) She loves me!!!!!

My mom is the greatest!!! She is so much fun and I wish I lived next door to her...we would walk the mall every day! I love you mom...happy mother's day!

I had a great mother's day today! Dan let me sleep in a little longer than he did and he even made me breakfast while I did so. We had a nice day at church. Carson was cute and Bryn was great all three hours. She crashed on the way home and slept a few more hours once we got home...sweet! While she was sleeping, Dan made shish-kabobs for dinner on the grill. It was raining, but he still grilled them and they were delicious! He also gave me the book "Mistaken Identity", which is the real life story of two girls in a car accident who's identity's were switched. I've already started reading it and it's really sad and interesting. These real life survival type stories are definitely my favorite thing to read...so fascinating! After dinner I had some fun time playing with the kiddos and Dan. I love my kids and I love being a mom...I just wish there was an instruction manual that came with each kid :) But, I couldn't be happier, I have an awesome family! It was a great mother's day! Thanks!!

Dan and the kabobs

Boys in the rain

My cute Carson

My sweet Bryn

Our fancy schmancy new stroller!

We just got this and have only used it twice since the weather has been all rainy, but we absolutely LOVE it!!! I can't wait to get out and get walking!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a sweetheart!

Tonight we went to a park for a BBQ with the youth from church. Carson immediately found some of his little friends and went off to the baseball diamond to play in the dirt. He was there for quite a while happily playing. Then we saw him coming back to where we were all eating. He was running and we could see that he had something in his hands. When he came up to me he had the sweetest smile on his face and handed me 4 white dandelions and said..."these are for you mommy!" .....how sweet! I don't know where he learned that from, but it was soo cute!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Prom and Poop!

Tonight I went over to help some of the young women from church do their hair for the prom. I am by NO means a hair dresser (you've all seen MY hair!), but I thought their hair turned out pretty good and they all three looked like princesses. It was fun to see them all giddy and excited to get all dressed up. Take a look at how pretty they are...

And on a pooper note...Carson went poopy in the potty today...yippee!!! Yes, my life is just that exciting! He actually "tried" to go earlier today, which is a HUGE improvement...usually he just cries and acts scared when we suggest it (he is basically 100% with the pee thing). I gave him a prize from the poopy box for giving it the good college try. Then later tonight, Carson had "the look" and we stuck him on the potty and he went poop...YIPPEEE!!! So, where did we go? Chuck-E-Cheese!! I know it sounds pathetic, but we have been promising him practically anything if he would just do it. So, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese at 8pm tonight and stayed for a little less than an hour and had a blast!! The ironic thing is that when we were there, Carson went poop again...in his pull-up...oh well! We're not going to Chuck-E-Cheese anymore, but it was a fun reward. We'll see how the pooping in the potty thing goes! Oh the joys of parenting.

OH, and one more picture...look at that little peanut!