Thursday, December 25, 2008


Dan surprised me with this shirt for Christmas:

So, I guess I need to blog what I did while wearing this shirt :)

We had a fabulous Christmas! I was really excited this year b/c Carson was so excited for Christmas to come. We had a fun time opening gifts (which we had in abundance this year, probably a few too many). The kids came downstairs to tons of presents under the tree. One thing was not wrapped though, Brynlee's baby doll and stroller. She immediately went over to it and starting pushing it cute! Then she took the doll out and gave it hugs; just the reaction I was hoping for :)

We started opening presents and the kids just LOVED that! Here are a few pictures of them:

(look at that cute kid...when did he get so old?)

(Princess Brynlee)

(Bryn with her "purse")

(Soooo excited!!!)

(hanging out in their hooded towels)

These next two pictures are my favorite from today. While Carson happily opens his gift, check out Bryn's cute expressions....

And what did Dan and I get? Some cool stuff....hard drive, family stories, CD of fam pictures, blanket, shirts, ties, slippers. Thanks everyone!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sitting on Santa's Lap

Carson has sat on Santa's lap several times this season. What does he ask for??

Ironman guys (check!)

a Tiger (does an orange hooded towel count? check!)

a Vampire or Vampire Teeth (any help with this one?? I think his aunt got him a plush Count from Sesame St...that'll have to do..thanks!)

What does Brynlee ask for??? I sure hope it's a baby doll with a little stroller....check!

Christmas here we come!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Check out...

...this fun pillow!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wisconsin Trip in numbers

*2 times on the plane, one going, one coming back.

*1 good plane trip.

*1 absolutely terrible plane trip. (Let's just say it including sitting on the plane an extra hour+, a bloody mouth, and screaming kids, well, really just screaming Brynlee)

*8 mornings where Brynlee woke up totally soaked through b/c she had slept so long.

*10 morning that Carson would crawl in to bed with me and go back to sleep. (So sweet and something we don't do at home)

*1 super cool sister to hang out with.

*two fun cousins to play with, Gwen and Claire.

*2 blow-up beds

*1 pack-n-play

*1 cold basement :)

*1 very cool laundry shoot that Carson couldn't get enough of.

*512: the number of times Brynlee body-slammed poor Claire

*3 domes visited

*2 Santas seen

*2 sick kids

*6 pukes; Gwen x 2, Bryn x 4.

*689 loads of laundry done

*1 time singing in church with Katherine

*2 Christmas parties

*2 Birthday parties.

*5 stores visited to find stinking plain barrettes to make bows for Gwen. (still never found them)

*1 bag of bugs purchased at the Dollar Tree

*1 binkie lost at the dollar tree

*25 breadsticks eaten at the Olive Garden

*1 snowstorm with 1 stuck car

*1,498 times I talked to Dan on the phone :)

*1,498 times I complained to Dan about crazy kids on the phone.

*1,489 times I should've said 'sorry' or just not complained at all...sorry Dan...and cute kids of mine!

*4 crazy new hair-do's we did on Gwen's hair.

*12 burp cloths made for Claire.

*2 cute towels made for the girls.

*2 snowflake dresses made for the girls.
*240 hours of fun!!!
***As you can see, we had a very crazy, exciting, and FUN trip to visit Katherine and her girls in Wisconsin!!! We miss you guys already...and your eyeballs!!
And here is a cute video of Claire-bear laughing. Carson said she sounds like a mummy. Whatever she sounds like, she was super cute laughing!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I don't think we're in MD anymore...

....We've been in Wisconsin for a few days now. Let's just say, I don't think we're in Maryland anymore!!! I shoveled my sister's driveway this morning and by the time I was done, it looked like I should start shoveling again....argghh!!! My sister shoveled it a few hours later and then got her car stuck halfway down the street....double argghhhh!!!! On happier note, Carson made a REAL snow-angel (not just pretending on the carpet or a "leaf angel") and we are all having a great time hanging out. More to come from snowy WI later!

Friday, December 5, 2008

This ward ROCKS!!!

Last night I went to our Christmas Enrichment activity and it was great! The little program was great and made me feel all warm inside, the catered BBQ dinner was YUM, and the great conversation with awesome friends was the BEST!!! I tell you, this ward has the funnest, funniest, awesomemest, coolest (i better stop before i keep making up words that aren't really words) people ever! I have never had sooo many truly good friends (some of you who I've met in this ward, but have since know who you are!) in one single ward! This ward really is something else! We had some awesome dinner conversation...or pretty much just constant laughter! After the activity was over, 5 of us just couldn't shut our traps and kept on talking...and I loved every minute of it. Last nights enrichment was just what I needed! Thanks ladies!!