Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We had a GREAT Christmas!!! We enjoyed going to our ward Christmas party on Saturday, where we had a yummy turkey and ham dinner and a visit from the Big Man himself. That was the third time that Carson had sat on Santa's lap and he loved it every time. The last time he sat on Santa's lap he told him he wanted a RAT for Christmas...silly kid, he's definitely not getting that! Christmas Eve dinner we spent with Dan's brother, Eric, and his family. Carson loved playing with his cousins and we had the family tradition dinner of fancy cheese and crackers (and appetizers too!). It was a lot of fun. Carson also got some "Reindeer food" to sprinkle outside our house to attract Santa and his reindeer. We put it out that night and I really didn't expect Carson to remember it. Sure enough, Christmas morning Carson asked to see if Rudolph had eaten his food we left out. Dan and I looked at each other a little panicked and I quickly threw on a robe and swept our front steps :) Carson had a fun morning of opening lots of gifts....thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun! Later that afternoon we went to the Pugs house for dinner. Tami made three courses of the yummiest fondue ever! I wish we could've stayed longer, but it was super fun! Thanks guys! So, it was a fun Christmas...it just keeps getting more and more fun as Carson gets older. Next year Bryn will be able to participate a little more too! Christmas is definitely not about what I get anymore, but definitely all about the kids....and I love it! Merry Christmas!

Here are a bunch of pictures...I can never pick just a few. They are from the ward Christmas party, Christmas morning, and some of Brynlee in the dress I made her.

Friday, December 21, 2007

And we're back!

We got back from UT on Wednesday. We had an AWESOME time there and the kids were great. It was so fun visiting with family and friends. We only wish we could live closer so we could see them more often.

So, my brother Mike thought that Dan looked like an inmate in his yellow shirt and had visitation with his kids. Well, actually that shirt is a traditional shirt from the Philippines that the men wear for weddings. Dan had NO idea that he was going to wear that shirt until the night before the wedding. Dan and his brothers and dad were all wearing them. His dad was wearing a pink one...good color Woody! So, that's why Dan looks so casual at the wedding. It was a fun wedding!

It's nice to be back, but now I'm rushing to get things ready for Christmas. I think Dan and I have decided to just go shopping together and let each other pick something they want....are we totally pathetic????

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fun times in Utah

We're having a great time here in UT. Yesterday was Randy and April's wedding and everything turned out nicely. There was the usual craziness of a family trying to get everything done for the reception, but it all worked out in the end. Randy and April were on their way to Vegas, then on to CA, but we just got a call from them saying their car broke down 3 hours south of SLC. The poor newlyweds. Dan's brother and Dad are now on their way down there to help out. It's pretty sad for them, but will make for a good story later on.

Today we had Brynlee's baby blessing at church. We had most of Dan's family there and a few friends. Bryn was doing pretty good, but starting crying towards the end and Dan "cut it short". We should've known she would make it difficult...she's been feisty from the start. But, she looked beautiful in the dress my mom made. My sister's baby girl, Claire, wore that dress and I borrowed it for Bryn....it was perfect! After we had everyone over for some yummy Taco Soup and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. It was a nice day.

So, here are some pictures. The ones from the wedding show the Christmas dress I made for Bryn and the matching tie for Carson. You can also see my hair in the pictures.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Here we are....

....in UTAH!!! We got here Wednesday night after a pretty darn good plane ride. Carson was active on the plane, but good; and Bryn was great too! I was worried about having to hold her the whole time, but she did awesome eating, sleeping, and just chilling in my lap. Let's see how they do on the way back!

We're staying with Dan's sister's family and they have been so welcoming and fun. They have three kids and lots of pets that Carson is loving! Yesterday I went to get my hair cut. I decided to do it out here b/c it is soo cheap! I hadn't cut it for a really, really long time (b/c I'm lazy and cheap). So, I decided to go all out and donate 10" to Locks of Love and highlight it too. This is the second time I've donated. The other time was a couple months after i had Carson, so maybe this is my new "post-baby" tradition. Anyway, I had my friend's sister cut it and she did an awesome job! She cut it in an A-line style and then put some rich auburn brown highlights in it. I really like it! I'll put some pictures up later.

After the fun hair session, we went back to Dan's parents house. Dan's brother, Randy, is getting married tomorrow and his fiance is soooo nice. This is the first time we've met April and she is just a doll! She is sooo good with Carson and Bryn and just really, really sweet. We're excited to have her join the family.

Well, today we're off to a couple quilt shops (hopefully) and then helping get ready for the wedding reception tomorrow. Fun stuff in Utah!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Can you believe it???

....I read a book!!!! If you didn't already know, I'm not much of a reader. I don't hate books but I just don't really want to sit down and take time to read one. I always think of everything else I would rather do. But, I made my quota and I read one book this year...and the book was....TWILIGHT! All the teenage girls at church just LOVE (they are totally obsessed) this book! I've been teasing them for months now, but I promised them that I would read it. Well, I read it and I liked it. It was pretty good...for a book, you know. So, they made me apologize (which I did) because I actually liked the book. I may even read the next one...woah, I'm getting a little out of control now.


So, the other day when Carson woke up from his nap, Dan went to get him. Carson was so excited to see Dan and then asked "Where's mommy?". Dan said..."where do you think?" Carson's reply......"mommy sewing." Do you think I sew too much if that's what his answer was...smart kid. Here are a few pictures....

Crazy spiky hair
Tummy Time with Daddy

Happy girl!!!!