Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Visit from Family!

My cousin, Elise, and her cute family came to visit us again this summer!  We had a great time!!!  Here are all the kiddos.  
Brynlee, Carson, Lincoln, Caleb, Lily, and Dallin
 These two "babies" were awesome.  Linc and Caleb.

 Lincoln LOVED Elise!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Utah - Part 3

Alright...lets wrap up this vacation already!  Here's the rest of our adventures in Utah!

On Thursday, we went to the Hogel Zoo.  It's a really nice zoo with several new exhibits.
 I swear this Lion drinking fountain has been there FOREVER!
 Linc and Carson are baby birds in their nest.
 They look like monkeys to me!
 Hey Linc, watch out for that Gorilla behind you!
 On Friday, we went to check out the new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake.  This mall is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!  I loved the landscaping and indoor/outdoor feel of the pretty!  
 Right when we walked in to the mall we say a Claire's Boutique and Brynlee immediately said "I want to get my ears pierced!".  I told her that she can whenever she wants as long as she knows it will hurt for a minute and she has to take care of them.  We thought about it for a minute and she really wanted we let her!  She was really brave the whole time and only cried for a minute but stood perfectly still.  She looks so cute with her little earrings!

 More views from the City Creek Mall.

 We also went to the Kennecott Copper Mine.  It was really fun to see the huge mine as well as the HUGE trucks used there. 

 Look how tiny the school bus looks compared to those BIG trucks!
 This is a real wheel from a big truck.
 On Saturday, we headed down to BYU campus one more time with Dan's parents.  GO COUGARS!!!

 In the evening we hung out with Dan's friends from growing up.  Those guys are hilarious when they all get together!
 On Sunday night we went to visit my college roommate in Lehi.  Lyndsay was my VERY first BYU roommate when I lived in DT.  We got a long amazingly!   We haven't seen each other in probably 10 years!  She has 5 kids now and our kids loved all of them!  Lyndsay and her husband Jonah made us a yummy dinner...thanks!  It was so fun to catch up!  Dan later told me that he can see why we got along so well as roommates b/c we get along so well and have a lot in common.  

Jonah playing games with all the boys!

 Lyndsay and Lynette!

We had the best time in UTAH!!  We loved seeing family and friends!  Our kids were so sad to leave and cried themselves to sleep the night we got back home.  They still talk about Utah all the time!  Hopefully we can get back there again soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Utah - part 2

The next couple days in UTAH were packed with fun, just like the first few days.  Our trip was pretty much fun, fun, then more fun!!  We never stopped having fun!!!  

Bryn with Echo.  The kids loved Lynece and Johns house b/c of all the fun animals....that place is a zoo!!! 

 On Monday, we went to Lagoon.  The kids LOVE amusement parks, so it was sure to be an awesome day!  They loved all the rides.  Carson rode all but one roller coaster (he wasn't tall enough).  He even got the courage to ride the scariest launch coaster that goes straight up and down.  Dan said he started to freak out a bit before it went, but then once it launched he started screaming "I love it!!!".  He's definitely going to be Dan's roller coaster buddy!

Bryn wasn't too sure about this ride.  She always forgets that this is her least favorite!!  I love how Carson is totally laughing at her.

 Lincoln waving to his adoring fans!
 My beautiful Brynlee-girl.

 Having fun on the Carousel!
 Sweaty little boy!
 Bryn on the dragon coaster.
 Crazy train ride!  This was Lincoln's favorite ride!

 There were lots of animals to see on the train ride.
 Dan was an adrenaline seeker and rode this crazy ball/bungee thing!  I got a video of him doing it, but not a picture. There he is waiting his turn to go...he was nervous!!

Brynlee and Carson LOVED their cousin, Yumi!  Who wouldn't though, she is a doll!!

On Tuesday we went down to Provo to visit some of my family!  My grandma Simmons lives there and I have several aunts and uncles down there too!  It's always fun to see my extended family.  My Aunt Janet was nice enough to put together a BBQ and invited everyone so we could see everyone all at once.  It was awesome!  Thanks're the best!!!

This is my cousin Sharon's baby girl.  She was the sweetest little thing ever!  
 My cousin Matt brought his brand new baby...adorable!!
 All the least all of us that were there.  
 Here's our attempt at a picture with Grandma Simmons....nice.
 Carson loved Ellie!
 Me and Linc with my Aunt Elaine and cousin Reid.  I haven't seen them in YEARS!!

On Wednesday, Dan took the big kids Jeeping.  Poor Lincoln really wanted to go, but he was dragged around shopping with me!  The kids loved Jeeping, just like their dad!

What a beautiful view!
 "Tyng's Grave"
 The kids thought this old mine was super cool!
Alright...that's all for part 2 of our Utah trip....stay tuned for more!