Thursday, June 30, 2011

"D"inosaur Land

Today we went to Dinosaur Land for the letter "D".  Dinosaur Land is about 45 mins away out towards the Shenandoahs.  Everyone I talked to about it said that is was pretty cheesy, but the kids loved it.  I would totally agree with that.  It was so old and cheesy, but my kids definitely loved it.  It's just a little park with big plaster dinosaurs and other animals.  All three kids were really well behaved and we had a great time! 

Lincoln's first solid foods

We started Lincoln on solid foods almost a month ago.  It didn't take him long to catch on and now he eats tons of different baby foods....yum!!!

These pictures were taken on June 3rd.  This is the very first attempt at solid food.

"C"huck - E - "C"heese

We headed over to Chuck-E-Cheese for letter "C" of our Alphabet Summer.  We've been to Chuck-E-Cheese several times in the last few months and we've been saving up our tickets for "something big".  The kids had a blast and we actually went home with something "bigger" this time...cotton candy, two packages of modeling clay, bugs, tattoos, and a rocket launcher.  We love Chuck-E-Cheeses!

This last picture is from when we went for our end of preschool party.  Brynlee's driving the Jeep with Truman.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"B"usch Gardens

Next up for our alphabet summer was the letter "B".  We headed down to Williamsburg, VA with our neighbors to go to "B"usch Gardens.  We had to make up for the not so good time we had two weeks ago there.  We definitely made up for it...the kids had a blast!!!  We were able to swap with our friends too and each of us went on two big roller coasters.  It was an awesome day and we can't wait to go back!

Carson on the airplanes
 Brynlee, Dan, and Carson on Escape from Pompei
 Madison and Lincoln

"A"lphabet Summer!!

My friend, Erika, did an alphabet summer last year with her kids and I thought that it was such an awesome idea I'd try it this year!  For our first letter, "A", we got together with our awesome neighbors and did worksheets about the letter "A" and ate Applesauce and Angel food cake.  It was a simple way to start off the alphabet summer, but we have some big ideas coming up later!  The kids are super excited already!

Pics from our phones

We've taken a lot of random pictures on our phones.  Here are a bunch of them.

Brynlee and her preschool friends
 Bryn loves Lincoln...and he loves her too!
 Funny Carson-man
 Silly Girls!
 What a pretty girl!  I mean...who put that flower on Lincoln's head?
 Crazy parents!
 Carson at school on his birthday.  Dan and I brought him McDonald's for lunch and cupcakes for his class.
 Bryn at dance.

 Dan and Linc.
 Happy Boy!
 This is how Brynlee came down after we had already tucked her into bed for the night.
 Love this baby!
 Ready for swim lessons.

 Practicing swimming
 Carson with his cool new swim shorts
 Just chillin' at the pool

 These kids are fish!

 Dan at the annual Memorial Day pig roast...disgusting!
 Carson earned his White Belt in Karate.
 Karate chopping Master C
 Mormon Tabernacle Choir good!