Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

All. The. Time.

See this kid...he's crazy!  He is super active and always keeps me on my toes!  
 This is what he does ALL. DAY. LONG!!!  Gets a chair from the table.
 Scoots it where he wants it.
 Climbs up on the chair.

 Stands up!

 Climbs onto the counter.

 And gets whatever he wants...oooh a flashlight!
 Dont' mind me!  I'll smile so you think I'm cute while I'm getting in trouble. can't be mad at me, I'm too cute!

This little stunt of his happens all the time...seriously, all day long!  Sometime's I hide the chairs, but he finds a large toy or something to use instead!  It's a good thing he's so cute!!!