Sunday, May 24, 2009

Havin' Fun!!

No time to blog...just havin' fun!! We enjoyed a quick visit from Dan's parents and now my parents are here! We've been keeping busy and having fun....not to mention all the work in the basement...things are coming right along. I'm sure there will be a super long post coming soon!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I know I just posted that I was having the worst luck with Craigslist (which I was), but I actually got something this weekend!! I got a cool craft table for my sewing room...oh happy day!! The basement is coming along nicely and I can't wait to have my sewing room all ready! I'll post pictures of everything then.

On a different note, Dan's parents have been here since friday and the kids LOVE having them here. We've done lots of fun family things with Dan's parents and his brother's family, including a birthday party, baptism, and baby blessing. And later today, MY parents will arrive...yeah! We've got lots of company and we're loving it!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've said it once, and I'll say it again....

...I LOVE WEGMANS!!! As though you've never heard me say this before....I love Wegmans! I was just there tonight to do some late night shopping with no kids and was soo impressed with their customer service. I had three different employees help me find something and they were all so nice and friendly. The kid in the meat department knew his cuts of meat and helped me pick out a lovely roast (I think I'm starting to sound like my mom now). Everyone just stops what they're doing to help...i love it! When I went to the front there was only one line open, which was fine for me because I only waited for one person. But, the poor girl behind me with only a few things was stuck behind me with a TON of stuff. At most grocery stores this wouldn't be a problem, they would just let you wait, but not at Wegmans. The manager opened another line and checked her out...I LOVE IT! They are just so friendly there! Okay, I'll stop talking about Wegmans now...but it is the best!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I don't get it!

I've responded multiple times within MINUTES of someone posting something on Craigslist and I have YET to actually bring something home! I've probably tried to get about 15 things already and I haven't ended up with ANYTHING!! What does it take to get something on there????

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The new ward!

Today we went to our new ward! I knew it wouldn't compare at ALL to our old ward, but I was excited to start getting to know people. It actually was very nice and very big! We found out that they are actually kinda splitting the ward next week by having about 20 families go to another ward. Carson was excited to go to primary and when I brought him in I found out there were THREE sunbeam classes...WOW!!! Carson said he had a great time and was happy that they sang two songs he already knew. Brynlee went happily to nursery also (there are TWO nurseries) and was happy when we picked her up. She "gave" me a cute mother's day poem with her hand prints on it and 3 humongous chocolate covered strawberries from WEGMANS!!!!! I know I'm going to love this ward if they have the nursery kids giving their mothers strawberries from WEGMANS for Mother's Day!!!! I was very happy!!! Not to mention the chocolate they handed out to all the mother's after sacrament can't go wrong with chocolate! Other than all the cute mother's day gifts, I had a great time at church. I met a few new ladies that seem very nice. I hope I can make some good new friends in this ward. But, even more so, I hope I can keep up those friendships that I have with my peeps from my old ward...I love you ladies!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're IN!!!

Yep, we're in our new house!!! After 8 months of selling our townhouse, finding a new house, living in the apartment, putting stuff in storage, putting MORE stuff in storage, packing and unpacking, then packing and unpacking again....we are finally in our house!!! All of our stuff is in one place....NO MORE STORAGE!!! I'm excited to post pictures, but I need to wait till you can actually see the house behind all of our boxes! So, until then, I'll tell you the top 10 reasons why I love my new house (in no particular order).

1. when I'm putting stuff away I have not one, not two, but multiple options of where to put it...I love all the SPACE!!!

2. Gotta go potty? Take your pick, we've got three!

3. The kids are in their own bedrooms and loving it. They are sleeping great and I love the fact that they can't wake each other up.

4. The basement is gonna be finished and my new sewing room will be down there....YEAH!!! We're still working on all the permits/inspections, but hopefully we will be good to go soon.

5. The cute gas homey feeling.

6. BACKYARD!!! We have a backyard...this is definitely a first for we just need to mow it!

7. The garage is already being taken over by storage stuff and stuff we don't know what to do with. I just love the fact that we have one.

8. The wall oven. It looks cute and is up where the kids can't open/play with it...awesome!

9. All the windows. We have huge windows that let in tons of light...i love it!

10. We are located SOOOO close to Wegmans....don't ask me how many times I've been there already :)

I love this house....I'll post pictures soon!!!