Saturday, March 19, 2011

a few confessions

confession #1: sometimes I lay Lincoln down on a pink blanket...sorry kid, that's what you get for having an older sister.

confession #2: I can never seem to limit my pictures down to just a few...they are all just sooo cute!

confession #3: I totally have been photo-shopping these (and other previously posted) pictures.  The air brushing tool is just too much fun!  Please don't hate.  My baby is super cute, but his skin isn't quite that perfect!

Check out this little series of pictures.  He's so happy as he rolls off the pillow...oops!


The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week.  Yesterday it was 75!!!  We've gone to the park several times to enjoy the nice weather.  Lincoln enjoyed his first ride in the double stroller and Brynlee loved playing at the playground.  I love this spring weather!!!


Dan borrowed a truck from a friend to go pick up a couple loads of compost to put in our garden and lawn.  The kids thought it was their own personal dirt playground! 

Here's hoping our garden and lawn look better this year!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

TWO months!!!

Lincoln is two months old today!  Oh, how time flies!!!  He is still such a sweet boy.  He sleeps a lot and is generally a pretty happy baby.  He has slept through the night a few times, but usually wakes up once to eat then goes back to bed.  He is also smiling a bit more now, which is soo cute!  I have loved all of my babies, but I never really thought I was a "baby person" until little Lincoln came along.  I think with Carson everything was so new that I was always looking forward to the next milestone.  Brynlee was a whole different story.  From day one, she was always the boss and let us know that.  And now with our little Lincoln, he is just so sweet and I am comfortable in my mommy role, that I am really enjoying him.  I am enjoying just how new and little he is and I am sad that he is growing so fast.  I think I have a new appreciation for my other kids having this little baby around.  They all love him so much too!  Here are a few pictures taken today and a few of the other kids when they were two months, just for fun comparing.  
 Carson at two months

Brynlee at two months

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Lords and Ladies

We went to Medieval Times last Saturday to celebrate Dan's birthday.  He turned 35 on March 8th!!!  We've been to Medieval Times before but never with the kids.  We thought that they would love it and they did!!!  Carson was really into it and loved all the Knights fighting. Brynlee loved the horses and the princess.  She also liked eating with her hands.  We had great seats, the food was delicious, the kids were great, and Lincoln slept the whole time.  It was perfect!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have THREE kids!!!

This three kid thing is going great so far...knock on wood!!!  This has been the smoothest transition yet!  Little Lincoln is such a sweet boy and we are loving having him around!  The kids love him, I love him, Dan loves him...there's just love all over the place!!!  Here are some recent cute pictures of my THREE KIDS!!  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lincoln's Blessing Day

Today was Lincoln's baby blessing at church.  When we got to church, Lincoln was wide awake and really was soo cute!  Lincoln wore the same pants and suit coat that Carson wore when he was blessed.  I couldn't get over how much Lincoln looked like Carson...he reminds me of him all the time!  Dan said that Lincoln was awake and looking around during the whole blessing.  The blessing was given by Dan and several other friends were in the circle with him.  It was pefect!  One thing that stood out to me was that Lincoln was blessed to be a peacemaker among his family...I think he aleady is!  Here are some pictures from Linc's big day.