Friday, January 30, 2009

One Sad Day

We found out that we didn't get our house tonight. We are totally bummed! I mean, really, really sad.

On an even sadder note, my sister's daughter who is handicapped, is not doing well. They found out she has pneumonia and she's not looking very good. My heart just aches for them.

So, sorry for the depressing blog. My eyes cannot cry anymore than they have tonight. And on that note, me and my bloodshot, stinging eyes are going to bed. We'll see if I can sleep. Good night!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you believe in fortunes??

So, as most of you know, Dan and I are in the process of selling our house and buying a new one. We have been fortunate on the selling part and after 4-5months, found a buyer who is working out great. Now on to the house hunting part. We have an awesome realtor for that too and have been looking several times with him. We bid on one house last week, which we thought was "it". We don't think they really looked at our offer, b/c they already had a few offers and they went with someone lower. We were totally bummed and just kept telling ourselves that it was for a reason. So, out we went looking for houses on Saturday. The second house we looked at is what we hope is the reason we lost the first house we bid on. Check this out:

It is absolutely perfect!! We love it a hundred times more than the first (which we thought we really liked). We stopped our search then and immediately wrote up an offer. After doing all that with our realtor, we stopped by Pei Wei really quick to eat. We enjoyed our yummy meals, and then snagged some fortune cookies before heading back to Maryland. Before opening the cookies I said "Okay, these fortunes have to do with that house we just put an offer on". This is what Dan's fortune said:

Can you believe that? I think I believe in fortunes now :) Anyway, we'll find out within a weekish and things look promising. We are the only offer as of now, so here's hoping! We'll keep you updated!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got crabs from...

....dirty BLEEPS!!! Yep, there was actually a restaurant in the OBX that was called "Dirty Dicks" and that was their catch phrase...crazy!! We had a fun time saying it though :) Our weekend getaway to the Outer Banks in North Carolina was fabulous!! Our friends invited us to their parents beach house and it was sooo fancy and fun! There were 7 (i think) bedrooms with king size beds, flat screen TV's, bathrooms...the works! Not to mention the rest of the house with a HUGE kitchen, two fridges, two tables, huge island, two dishwashers, a pool (that had ice chuncks in it and that Dan and Randy jumped into...crazy boys!), hot tub, pool table, THEATER ROOM with projector TV and soo much more!! There were 6 families there and we all had soo much fun! We loved playing Rock Band together and also enjoyed playing games and watching movies. The kids were great and just played the day away. It was a perfect weekend with awesome friends!!!

The Beach House!!!
The big upstairs area
Looking at the Ocean!!

The Theater Room...check out the popcorn carpet!
Carson playing the guitar...look at his tongue, he's cute! My little lady, when did she get so big!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Checkin' out HOUSES!!

We FINALLY looked at houses last night. It seams like we've been waiting to do this forever, but it's really only been 5 months, I guess that's not that long. I just hope everything goes through with the selling of our house. So, we met with our new buying realtor yesterday and we really like him. Dan decided (and I agree!) that is probably wasn't just "coincidence" that we ran in to this guy. We randomly decided to check out some neighborhoods a few months back and got lost in one and eventually found this "water damaged" house that we had seen listed. We decided just to look in the windows to see inside. We weren't there longer than a few minutes when Harry (our new realtor) drove up and got out of his car. He was super nice and was previewing the house for a client. He let us IN to the house and while we talked to him we really liked him. After meeting with him again last night we are really glad we're going with him. He is super friendly and funny and is just pushy enough that I think he will be great! He is super hopeful and optimistic that we can actually find and settle on a house in the next month, so we wouldn't have to be in an apartment...that would be AWESOME!! He's also great b/c he will preview houses (that's how we first met him) for us and let us know what it's like. We had a great time last night checking out the areas and we went in two houses. We're ready to really start looking....but first, we're off to the BEACH HOUSE for the weekend!!!!

***a big THANK YOU to Mary and Randy for watching the guys are the greatest!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The title may be a little harsh, but that is how I feel right at this very moment. I have always had a love/hate relationship with video games (I love Rock Band and hate all others :), but now I think I'm just gonna hate them all for what they are doing to my sweet little boy. No, we do NOT have a gaming system (and that is looking less and less likely to ever happen, sorry Dan), but Carson has recently learned how to play little computer games on He can totally play them and use the mouse and keyboard. I'm a little proud of his cool computer using skills, but what the games are doing to my little boy is driving me CRAZY! He loves them sooo much that every time we say it's time to stop (and we give him plenty of fair warning), he throws a fit. I explain before and after playing every time that he needs to be a big boy to play and not cry when it's time to stop. Well, tonight was especially bad! He actually left the computer fairly easily to go up to bed, but then started crying about it. I kinda lost it on him and was NOT happy! I think we may have to stop video games all together for a while. Or I've also though of getting a kitchen timer, so he knows when it dings it's time to stop. I don't really have a problem with him playing them, but i hate his reaction when it's time to stop...arghh!!! Any suggestions??

Monday, January 12, 2009

We got an OFFER!!!

YIPPEEEE!!!! We got an offer on our house yesterday....Hallelujah!! We were getting pretty worried that the market would just keep going further and further down and we would miss our chance to sell our house. We lowered the price last week and this weekend got a real offer!! We signed all the paperwork accepting the offer and now we just have to wait for the inspection and appraisal to happen and pass and all that! I hope everything works out! And now we finally get to go check out some houses for us! I can't wait for this part, although I know if can be frustrating too. Most of the houses in our price range are short sales/foreclosures and can take several months to get responses back from the bank. So, we may be living in an apartment for a while...wish us luck! We're just excited that we got an offer on our house....YEAH!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

a COUGAR at Joanns!!!

The Joann Fabrics right by my house is going out of business. Boo hoo. I was there today looking at their deals when all of the sudden I spotted a COUGAR....
WHAT THE???? I have NEVER seen BYU fabric ANYWHERE on the East coast. I snatched it up and bought the rest...70% off baby! GoooooOOOOOO COUGARS!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jesus wants me for a.....

.......SUNBEAM!!!! Carson went to Primary for the first time today and loved it (at least that's what he told us). I can't believe my baby is a Sunbeam...just look at him beaming!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

2008 was a great year! Being the first day of 2009 and all, Dan and I took the opportunity to discuss some of our goals for this year. I feel optimistic about my goals for this year, but they also make me think...what the heck did I do last year?? I definitely feel like I accomplished a lot last year, but my goals are the same this year as they were last year...didn't I learn anything? What are my goals?? In a be a better person! I want to be kinder, more loving, read my scriptures more, be healthier, have FHE more regularly, be more patient, etc....etc.....I guess it's just an ongoing process! Here's to 2009!!!