Monday, February 21, 2011


I can't stop coming up with nicknames for this little guy!
 I love you Lincolnberry!

Friday, February 18, 2011


A week or so ago, we took the kids to Home Depot to make their free craft.  The kids love making crafts, especially Carson.  They had a great time making their little heart shelf.  We'll have to go back again!

The other day before Brynlee had woken up in the morning and come found me downstairs, I heard the fridge door opening then slamming closed.  A few minutes later she came down to find me with a bottle of maraschino cherries and a spoon...funny girl!

We were playing UNO recently and teaching the kids the rules.  They were finally getting the hang of it and understood that when they only had one card left, they had to say "Uno".  Carson, being the funny guy he is found himself with two cards left and said "TWO-NO!"
When it is my turn to say the prayer at family prayer, I always stick in little things that we've been working on with the kids, like "please help us be nice to our family" or "please help us share with our friends".  I've been doing this for years in hopes that my kids will absorb some of the life lessons we are working on.  Well, Carson finally figured it out when last night after I said the prayer he said "why do you always say things in the prayer that I don't do?"

We've enjoyed some AWESOME weather for mid February around here.  Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70's...amazing!!!  We had a great time playing with friends outside.  Even Lincoln loved getting out for a while.
This was totally different weather from a few weeks ago when the kids were sliding down the hill by the side of our house.

And we're still loving our little baby....and his crazy sister.
  Seriously though, the kids love him!!  They haven't acted jealous or anything....they just love holding him and making him happy!  Carson is pretty proud of his skills to calm the baby down...which usually always work!  And Brynlee just loves helping out with sweet!  This is what she did the last time I pulled out the camera...what a goofball!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lincoln is ONE MONTH already!!!

Can you believe that Lincoln is already a month old!?!!??  I sure can't!!!  He is such a sweet addition to our family.  I was slightly worried at first as to what he was going to be like, but once he got his nights and days figured out, he has been a dream!  He is on a little schedule of eating every 3 hours, "playing" for a while, then taking a nap in his crib.  He only wakes up once at night to eat and goes right back to sleep....awesome!  He loves to be held and well, we all love to hold him!  He also has tons of nicknames!!  I hear the kids making up names for him too!  Here are some of them:  Linc, stinkin' Lincoln, Linky, Linx, Lincolnator, Linky Dinky Doo, Linky Doo,  Babe Lincoln, Mr. Lincoln, baby Linc.

Oh, and did I mention that he is the smartest baby on the planet? 
 I think this next picture proves that!

And one more funny thing.  I had to bribe Brynlee to wear this headband today.  I know it's a bit large, but it's almost Valentine's day, she can get away with it, right?  Well, when I was putting it on her and adjusting it just right, she looks at me with rolling eyes and says "I look stupid."  Funny girl...I may not get to decide on her accessories for much longer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Showing off baby Link!

Ever since Lincoln was born, Carson has wanted to show him off!  He loves showing new people his baby brother and really wanted to take him to school to show all his friends.  I kept having to tell him (like 10 times a day) that we needed to be a little careful with taking Lincoln everywhere so he doesn't get sick.  Well, that lasted for about 3 weeks.  Carson was "Star of the Week" in his class this week, so Dan and I brought baby Lincoln in to show him off (Dan also read a couple books to Carson's cute!).  When we walked into Carson's class he just lit up...he was soo excited!!!  He immediately went into "show-off" mode and wanted to tell each one of his friends all about his little brother.  While Dan read the books to the class, the teacher brought two students over at a time to see little Lincoln.  I took off his sock to show them his little feet and tiny toes.  The kids thought it was soo cute!  Afterwards we had lunch with Carson.   He was so excited the whole time to show us everything at school and all his friends.  When it was time to go though, he was a bit sad.  He actually started crying a little and was trying to hide his tears...sweet boy!  He is such a sensitive little kid.  He sure loves us and his little brother!!  Oh, and Lincoln was great the whole time too!  I love my boys!  I love my girly too, but she was at preschool while we were with Carson.

 The cute little 2011 robot outfit was from Mary...thanks!!!

  A little cute!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 weeks

I can't believe it has already been 3 weeks since Lincoln joined our family!  He is a sweet baby and we all LOVE him!!!