Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun with Cousins

Dan's brother and his family came over tonight for dinner.  They have 3 kids and they get along so well with our kids.  The cousins had a BLAST riding the cars around.  Carson especially loved driving baby Kaitlyn around, he kept looking at her to see if she was smiling...which she always was!  It's so fun to have some cousins close by!!

The Princess and the Dragon

There is something about fun new pajamas that get my kids all excited!  They got to pick out a new pair of pj's at Walmart and they both immediately wanted to put them on when we got home.  They started running all over and jumping off of things.  I think they think that their pj's have special powers or something.  These new pj's might just rival their old glow-in-the-dark skeleton pj's.  I must say though, they do look pretty darn cute in their new jammies. 

Strawberry Fields Forever

We went strawberry pickin' last week.  The kids loved it for about 10 minutes.  It was fun, but probably not something I'll do all the time.  I think I'll be lazy and just get my strawberries from Wegmans :)

The pool is OPEN!

We went to our neighborhood pool the second it opened!  It was cold, but the kids loved it!  And so did Dan and I.  I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time there this summer.

Polka Dots

Brynlee was sitting in the bathroom sink yesterday while I was doing her hair.  She looked at herself in the mirror, got a little closer, then said "I have polka dots on my nose!".  Yep, Bryn, you do have cute little polka dots...they're called freckles!  What a funny girl!

Rain Garden

Our neighborhood has something really annoying about it.  We were given a grant by the county to make our neighborhood a "low impact development".  I'm all about helping the environment (we recycle!), but what exactly does "love impact development" mean?  To me it just means that we don't have sidewalks (this is a very sore subject with me) and we have weird rain gardens all over our neighborhood.  We have a large rain garden in our backyard that hasn't been kept up.  That's another weird thing, there is confusion about who takes care of these weird rain gardens.  Anyways, apparentely our rain garden was done wrong and so they are fixing ours.  Here's what we've been seeing all week.

And after a bunch of rain, we have a rain POOL! 

I sure hope when they are all done our rain garden turns out pretty!  I'll let you know!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Company Picnic

Dan's work has a Company Picnic every May for their employees and families.  It is always so much fun for the kiddos!  This year they had a zip-line, bounce house, pony rides, face painting, snow cones, BBQ, and more!  It was so much fun...we stayed the entire time and the kids LOVED every minute of it!  Here are way too many pictures (the new camera is really fun, can you tell?).

Dan climbing the wall to do the zip-line down

The Bounce Castle

The Misty "Rainforest"

Pony Rides

"Arm" Painting

And MORE Pictures!!


We got a new camera.  I. Love. It.  It's a Cannon Rebel T1i.  I was convince that I wanted a "nice" camera after borrowing my friend, Jen's camera.  I loved the clarity of the pictures without me even knowing what I was doing.  Here are a few pictures of the kiddos I took.  These ones I did photoshop a little, just for fun.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dan's a cool dad

Last weekend Dan went camping with Carson in the backyard.  Carson was BEYOND EXCITED to camp outside with his dad and stay up late.  They brought some treats and books with them in the tent...along with their flashlights to tell some scary stories.  But, Carson assured me that the stories were scary, but not TOOO scary.  The next morning when I asked Carson if he liked camping he said "it's awesome!!".   I don't think that's going to be the last time they do that!