Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cicadas, oh my!!

The Cicadas have landed!  Or hatched...or something!  These special Cicadas hatch from the ground every 17 years and we were lucky enough to be around to see it!  This is actually the second brood we've been around to see.  The first one was in 2004.  This bugs might be ugly, but they are pretty harmless.  They are pretty slow moving and kind of clumsy.  The crazy thing about them is that they are really loud.  Especially when there are thousands of them!  You could hear a constant humming when you went outside.  The kids actually thought they were pretty cool and so did my dad!  He took all of these pictures when he was visiting in June. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Months

Two months have flown by!  Millie is still a great sleeper and has even slept through the night a couple times!  She seems to be a bit happier when she is awake, which is great!  She's started to smile too, which melts my heart.  She is such a little doll!  I get compliments on her all the time...she is soo cute!  I painted her toenails bright pink and it's so cute!!  I love my Millie!
We went to the doctor today for her well check and she was 12 lbs!  She is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight...she's growing!

This kid...

This kid seriously gets into EVERYTHING!  He will push chairs all over the house to get what he wants.  He will stack boxes, laundry baskets, anything to get on to a counter or into a closet.  We have high locks on our door and pantry to try to keep him out.  He has either figured out or broken all of the child safety locks I have bought.  He's also figured out or broken several fridge locks...ugh!  This kid is trouble!  Good thing he's so cute!

Monday, June 17, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

Today was the last day of school!!! The kids celebrated by rockin' out with Mohawks! Even Brynlee had a Girl-hawk! 
 Bring on the summer!



Sunday, June 16, 2013


Here are some fun pictures my dad took while he was here!  It's fun having someone who always takes cute pictures of your kids!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What a Special Day!

June 15th was a very special day in the Loveridge family!  It was the day that Carson was baptized and Millie was blessed.  Carson turned 8 the week before and was so excited to be baptized.  He had an interview with the Bishop and we had talked all about baptism with him.  We were so blessed to have both sets of grandparents here for the special day.  We also had Ken and Roxie and their family and plenty of friends.  Ken was going to give the talk on the Holy Ghost, but he had nose surgery the day before, so Carson asked his favorite babysitter to do the talk.  The baptism was great!  It was such a special day and we were so proud of Carson.  He is a great kid and we are blessed to have him in our family.  Here is the program:
Baptism Program
Conducting: Bishop Gardner
Pianist: Wanda Loveridge
Chorister: Roxie Simmons
Opening Song: “When I am Baptized”
Opening Prayer: Woody Loveridge
Talk on Baptism: Rebecca Simmons
Baptism performed by: Dan Loveridge
Talk on the Holy Ghost: Suzannah Stark
Gift of the Holy Ghost by: Dan Loveridge
Primary Welcome: Lynette Loveridge
Welcome to the Ward: Bishop Gardner
Baby Blessing:  Amelia Noelle Loveridge
Closing Song: “I am a Child of God”
Closing Prayer: Rulon Simmons
Light refreshments will be served in
the young women’s room.

After the baptism we had a few hours to relax and then we were off to Carson's birthday party at the Tae Kwon Do gym.  Carson had lots of friends there to celebrate with him.  They all learned Tae Kwon Do moves and even got to break boards!  Carson was especially excited to cut his birthday cake with a Samurai Sword!!  Happy Birthday Carson-man....we love you so much!!!!







Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Those Eyes!

I love carrying Millie around wherever we go.  I can literally feel people staring at her.  I hear comments behind my back about what a cute baby she is and what big beautiful eyes she has.  Sometimes her eyes are sooo big that it is pretty funny looking!  She sure is a cute little girl!  She loved having both of her grandparents come for a visit.