Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brynlee turns FOUR!

Our Brynlee girl is FOUR today!!!  I can't hardly believe it's been four years since she joined our family.  She is one spunky little girl and I just love her!  Here are a few things that I think describe my Brynlee-girl.

*Super spunky and sassy.
*Also super sweet.
*Tall (she's usually the tallest in her classes)
*loves school
*loves to make up her own songs to sing
*great big sister to Lincoln
*loves her big brother
*thinks she's the boss
*makes friends easily
*loves to cuddle with mommy
*let's me do her hair in cute hairstyles
*very independent
*loves to dance

We had a fun birthday party for Bryn with lots of friends.  She wanted a princess-bakugan-scientist party.  We just had a party with fun games and she loved it!  
 Brynlee in the pretty dress Grandma Loveridge made for her!

We love you Brynlee!!!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Go Nats!!

Dan got free tickets from work to a Washington Nationals game, so he took Carson!  They had a blast!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ocho Meses!

Little Man is eight months today...wowsers!!!!  He is such a happy and sweet addition to our family!  Here are some fun facts about Lincoln at eight months old:

*can get anywhere he wants with his efficient army crawl.
*starting to stand up on things
*loves just about all food!  
*NO teeth yet!
*sleeps great at night!
*loves sweets
*smiles and flirts with anyone he sees!
*takes a bath in the big bath now that he can sit up well.  He loves bath time now!
*has brown hair and hazel (?) eyes?  What color is hazel anyways? 

And a few pics of the other kids at 8 months!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fly Spies

We've had a lot of flies in our house this summer.  Good thing I have these "fly spies" to find them for me!  These funny kids came up with this all on their own!

Brynlee's first day of REAL preschool

I was wishy-washy about preschool for Brynlee for the last year!  I just couldn't decide what to do!  I really wanted to put her in a preschool, but was just too cheap to do it...preschool is muy expensive!!  Well, the day that Carson started 1st grade, I decided I would make a few phone calls to a couple local preschools to see if they had any openings.  Once they told me they didn't, then I would know that I had to do a co-op with friends from church (that's what i pretty much assumed would happen and I was okay with that).  But, I called around and amazingly 4R's preschool just got an opening from someone that had to pull their kid out.  This preschool is really nice and has a waiting list to get in!  It's in a little house converted to a school and the teachers couldn't be nicer!!!  I decided it was a sign that they had an opening and signed her up for 3 days/week.  She goes in the mornings three days a week and she loves it!  She literally sings around the house "I love school!".  I love to see her so excited about it.  Yeah for preschool!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of First Grade!

Carson is in FIRST GRADE!!!  He was sad to see the summer go and a little nervous to start first grade.  He had heard that first grade was "much harder than kindergarten".  He had a great first day and loved his teacher!  Here's to a great year!!!

We had a little back to school celebration when the cousins were here.

FIRST grade!

getting on the bus