Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a very simple Christmas this year and it was great.  The kids were super excited and were happy with all of the things that received. We had a great time spending the majority of the time with our little family.  Merry Christmas!!!

 Brynlee got a baby nursery and Bell (a toy dog that barks along with the book)

 Lincoln got a Thomas the Train laptop
 Carson got a Webkinz

Sunday, December 9, 2012

She's havin' a baby!

Brynlee has a baby multiple times a day.  She miraculously gets a baby bump, leaves the room, and comes back with a baby in her arms!  She always is so sweet and says "look what I just had!".  If only it were that easy:)  I think she's really excited to have a new little sister!

This kid.

This kid, he is something else.  How can I love someone so much who drives me sooo crazy!  He is full of energy and tricks!  I think he is super cute, which I believe is his defense mechanism.  He is silly and fun and sooo frustrating!  I sure do love him!

 Lately he has really taken a liking to TRIOS.  It's so nice for him to be calm for a few minutes while he snaps all the blocks together. 
 Once he's done, he's always so proud to show off what he made.

All Grown Up!

We have been doing a few changes around our house and I LOVE IT!!!  I feel like our house is getting a little fancier and that I'm finally all grown up!  There are still more things that I'd like to do (once you get started, you can't stop!), but I'm sooo happy with what it looks like now.  We started off by getting new floors on half of the main level.  We put in new floors from the front door, in through the high traffic areas, and in to the kitchen.  The old nasty carpet and linoleum are gone...yeah!

Where the refrigerator was, but we had to move it to get the new floors.  There has been a huge tear in the linoleum there since we bought the it's gone! 
 The old floors
 We ended up moving the line over from where the kitchen meets the carpet.  We now have about a foot more of kitchen and it is great to fit our new bigger table!
 The old entryway and nasty carpet.  
 The old hardwood
 The nasty carpet going into the living room
 I had BUNCO at my house last week...just in time to show off my "new" house!
 Wrapping paper placemats and evergreen napkin holders
 Looking into the kitchen

 A new board.  Next I need to get a new kitchen curtain and cabinet knobs.
  Our next big project was the entryway.  I really wanted to do some board and batten, and the entryway seemed like the perfect place for it.  Dan was SOO nice do it all in one Saturday and he did an AWESOME job!!!  I absolutely LOVE how this turned out and I think it really changed the feel of our house.   Thanks're the best!!!
 I've had this old window in my garage for a couple years now and it finally has a place inside our home now.  I love the look of an old window on the wall with a wreath.  
 Here's the entryway.  LOVE IT!

 A look from above
 A collection of pictures

 The pretty board and batten
Not that I hated my house before.  But I feel like these changes make it look so much better!  Now on to the next project!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Telling the kids

When the kids got home from school, I had a scavenger hunt all ready for them to find out what the gender of our baby was.  They read clues that sent them all over the house.

 Reading another clue...Brynlee is getting excited!
 Brynlee found a clue!
 After going around to 8 different places, their clue finally took them to Brynlee's closet.  They walked in and looked around for a minute without even noticing the balloons.  We had to tell them to look up!
 When they saw the PINK balloons they got excited!
 And more excited!
 And even more excited!!!

Can I just say how excited I am!!!  I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!  I really was hoping for another chance to dress up a little girl and make fun girly things.  And all those cute baby girl clothes at Target...ahh!  I'm especially excited that Brynlee will have a sister and that I got what I've always wanted, two boys and two girls.  I feel like I won the lottery, I am soo blessed!