Thursday, November 1, 2012


My kids LOVE Halloween!  Seriously, LOVE IT!  They love all things scary, so this holiday is right up their alley!  This year Brynlee wore her new Cinderella dress she got for her birthday.  Lincoln was suppose to be a garden gnome, but the costume ended up being too small so he was a rocket instead.  And Carson insisted on being a werewolf...a scary one.  Dan and I both warned him that he couldn't wear the mask to the church party and that he probably wouldn't even like wearing it around the neighborhood either.  But, he insisted on the costume with the scary mask.  We didn't even leave our house before he was complaining about the mask!!  A few houses into it, Dan had to take a very upset Carson home to find a new costume.  I'm glad he fixed his attitude eventually so he could still enjoy Halloween.  Overall, we had a great time!  The weather was pleasant too!