Friday, February 26, 2010


I bought a bunch of shirts yesterday, all for $5 or less...score!  I also got this awesome deal on this jacket...a cute little dark pink pea-coat.  Guess how much it was....
FIVE BUCKS!!!  Can you believe it?  I think that's a darn good deal!  

***UPDATE...Sorry, I didn't say where I got the coat was from good old Wally World!

On a different note, what should I get Dan for his birthday?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VA Beach

I spent a few days this weekend at the beach scrapbooking with some AWESOME ladies!  We rented a beach house and set up all our tables to get some scrapbooking done.  I was able to get Brynlee's 0-12 month scrapbook all the way done...yeah!!!  We also enjoyed yummy food and fun walks on the beach.  I'm already looking forward to next years girl's weekend!!  Here are a few pics from the beach, if you want to see some from Bryn's scrapbook, you can check them out here.

Why is that?

Why is it that when you ask your 4 year old to smile, he looks
like this:

But, if you can get him to laugh, he looks like this:

Much better.  I'll be happy when he doesn't have that painful, I look like I'm constipated, smile anymore.  What a funny kid!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Kids

I'm sad to say that the family fun has ended...Dan is back to work today...boohoo.  We had a FABULOUS time with Dan home all week!!  We decided to be productive when we found out he had wednesday off too, so we quick went to Lowes tuesday night and bought paint for Carson's room.  We just need to put a few more decorative things on the wall and it will be done...I'll post pictures when it's complete.  We also had fun going to CiCi's Pizza Buffet (one of our favorite places) with Dan's brother's family.  All the cousins get along soo well, it's great!  There was a balloon animal/face painting guy there and this is what Carson ended up looking like after his turn in the face painting chair.  Not bad, eh!
 Brynlee wanted soo bad to get her face painted, but when it came down to it, she chickend out and got a balloon instead.  Crazy Kids!

To see some other fun photos that I took this morning of the kiddos, check out my crafty blog HERE.  Here's a  little preview:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Can you believe that Dan has ANOTHER snow day tomorrow??!!!  This is CRAZY!!  Everything shuts down with snow around here.  School is cancelled again tomorrow.  I was suppose to have a girl's night hairbow making party tonight, but I had to cancel that as well...well, reschedule it.  Dan and I have been having fun with the kids, but haven't been super productive with our days off.  So, I quick ran to Lowes tonight and bought a few gallons of paint and plan on painting Carson's room tomorrow...I hope it turns out good!  

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kid's Clothes

I've been sewing a few new things for the kiddos lately.  There is a little contest on one of the craft blogs I check out that I wanted to enter them in.  The contest has you use her pattern, but you can alter it however you like.  I have two of her patterns, one for a hoodie and one for a dress.  I've been having fun getting creative with them.  Here's the shirt I made Carson:
And here are two dresses I made for Brynlee.  My friend, Jen, took these pictures....aren't they AMAZING!!!  It's really making me want to get a 'real' camera!  Oh, and maybe learn a little about photography. 

Snowmagedon 2010

Snowmagedon...i have no idea how to spell that!  But, that is what they are calling the huge snowstorm that hit our area this weekend.  It started friday morning and ended Saturday night.  When it was done we had more than 2 feet plus of snow!!  That's a lot of snow anywhere...but, especially for this area!  And when it snows around here, everything shuts down.  So, we stayed in all of yesterday, except the one time we ventured out to play in the snow.  We only got about half of our driveway shovelled then and had to finish the rest today.  THere is seriously a TON of snow out there!!  Today we were able to get our van out, but the roads still don't look that great.  Church was cancelled today and school and Dan's work are already cancelled for tomorrow!  And that's after the school kids only went to school 1 day this week b/c of snow...crazy!!!  We'll see how many days they go this week!  But, we're having fun at home being lazy.  At least we had electricity the whole time.  Half of our neighborhood was out for 2 days!!  We've been lazy around the house, but at least we still have our power!  We really haven't done much of anything.  Yesterday we made some valentine cookies, then cut out hearts and lips and stuck them all over our house.  We also played in the snow a bit and made snow creams.  Snow creams are something that Dan's family use to make.  I didn't really care for the idea at first, but this snowstorm I really go to liking them.  All you do is scoop a cup full of snow and add a little milk, vanilla, and food coloring and stir it all up.  I tried mine with snow, mango Tampico, and a little vanilla and it was delicious!!!  It was kinda like an orange julius!  Brynlee especially liked opening the front door to 2 feet of snow and scooping up her cup of snow.  I hope there are no problems with a 2 year old eating tons of snow b/c she did!  So, here are a few pictures from our snowed in weekend!  And tomorrow is another snow day...yippee!!! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010


....Mr. Handsome!  I'm sure you all know by now, but here is the 'official' post about Carson's new glasses.  He had been having headaches occasionally for a while, so when we took him to his 4 year check-up, they decided to check his vision.  He failed the test, but I thought maybe he just didn't understand.  I never thought he was having any problems seeing stuff...he could see stuff better than me, so it seemed.  So, they recommended we go to a ophthalmologist for a more in depth exam.  We did that a couple weeks ago and they determined that he has a bit of far-sightedness as well as astigmatism.  So, he needed glasses.  The glasses are suppose to help strengthen his brain so he can see more clearly.  Since his eyes have to adjust and his brain has to 'strengthen', it would take a while to adjust to his new glasses.  After we bought him two pair of glasses, he wouldn't wear them!  He said that he could see just fine without them.  We did our own little exam and couldn't tell any difference at all!  So, we took him back to the doctor to get them checked and they are right.  The glasses will help strengthen his eyes/brain so they will work better, but it will take a little time before he'll know any difference.  Something like that.  Anyway, after the doctor told him he needs to wear them all the time, he has been much better wearing them. We bought him two pair because they were super cheap at Wally World.  He looks so cute and handsome with them.  He thought maybe people wouldn't recognize him with them and so he said "if they don't know it's me, I'll just take them off for a minute and say it's me, Carson!"...funny kid.  So, here are some pictures of our handsome little man in his new glasses.  Now we just need to work on a more natural smile :)

whew...3 posts in one day...that's crazy!


Can you guess where we went on a field-trip for preschool today??  Yep...the FIRE-STATION!!  Carson thinks he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up so he was super excited to go!  They gave us a great tour of their station and let the kids go inside the firetruck and ambulance...very cool.  The firefighter also showed them all the clothes they put on to go fight a fire and let them ask questions.  It was cute to see Carson get excited about asking them a couple of questions.  And of course at the end, they all got plastic hats...does it get any better than that?

Thank you Fire Station!!!

whats up??

What's up with us?  Not too's a little list of what we've been up to lately.

-Lynette going to way too many super fun girl's nights with the old MD you ladies!

-Dan being super nice and not complaining when Lynette goes on yet another girl's night.  Oh, and he does super fun activities with the kids while I'm gone....he totally puts me to shame.

-Lynette getting caught in the worst traffic EVA while coming home from work last saturday.  Instead of it taking a little over an hour to get home, it took FIVE HOURS!!

-Dan taking care of the kiddos, cleaning the whole house, and making a lovely dinner for my two awesome nursing school friends who came over saturday night.  Where was I?  Stuck in traffic...thanks for staying a little late ladies so I could atleast say 'hi' for a minute!

-Carson getting glasses and refusing to wear them b/c "I can see just fine without them".  More on this soon.

-Brynlee continues to do really good potty training!  She also got to go to a fun dance party this week and have her pictures taken by an awesome photographer...thanks Jen!

-Lynette getting ready for the Hair-Bow extravaganza next week.  Okay, it's really just a girl's night to make hairbows, but i'm super excited!

-Lots of snow and more to come!

We've been busy!  Pictures will be coming soon!  Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

cool stuff

Everything cool we have we got from my awesome friend, Liz.  She has 8 year old twins, a boy and a girl.  Over the years she has given us sooo many awesome clothes and toys that her kids have outgrown.  And she buys awesome clothes and toys...stuff i wouldn't normally buy :)  Seriously, just about EVERY toy that is cool in our house is from her.  Like the shake and go cars and track, 2 vsmile pocket game thingies, Thomas the train table with all the tracks and trains, and so much more!  So, check out the latest things she gave us.

Can you believe that?  Crazy huh.  The kids LOVE THEM...of course.  I'll have to limit how much they get to use them so I won't have two teenage kids that won't ride a normal bike.  Carson is still afraid of his big boy bike!  Anyway...the kids are loving their new cars, we just need some warmer weather to use them!  Oh, and did you see Carson with his cute glasses?  Those are his cute old school looking pair, he has another pair that are cute wire frames.  But, he won't wear them!!!  I seriously can not convince him to wear his glasses!  That's why I haven't posted pictures b/c he has only worn them like twice since we got them.  Any suggestions?