Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ELEVEN months!!

I seriously can't take this any longer!  This baby is almost ONE!  Why does the time fly by so fast!?  Our little Lincoln is such a sweet baby and we love him to PIECES!!!  This is what I can tell you about my Linky-doo at eleven months:

*He crawls fast! 
*He stands up and cruises on everything...even your legs if your just standing there!
*He goes up and down stairs really well.
*He is starting to "talk" more with cute little baby sounds.  mamama, dadada, blah, blah, blah.
*He LOVES it when you get down on the floor with him.  He immediately smiles and crawls over to you and climbs all over you.  He loves climbing all over his family!
*He loves to squawk and then have Carson and Bryn imitate him.  He'll repeat this forever!
*He still doesn't have ANY teeth!  Maybe he'll walk before he gets his first tooth...we'll see!
*He can eat whatever, but doesn't necessarily like everything.
*He loves to play in the kitchen cabinets, which led to some cabinet locks put on, except for a few kid-friendly ones.
*He is soo happy!!!

And here he is at his eleven month photo shoot on the couch!

  This is what it really looks like when we're trying to take pictures of the kids :)

And of course, the other kiddos at eleven months: