Monday, January 13, 2014

Lincoln turns THREE!

Three years ago our little Lincoln joined our family.  He was such a sweet, sweet baby that has grown into a high energy, determined BIG three year old!  He is quite tall and people always mistake him for being much older than he really is.  He loves treats and will do just about anything to get one.  He is really good at climbing and coming up with ways to get what he wants.  He moves chairs all around the house, stacks boxes on chairs, climbs on anything just to get what he wants.  I'm hoping his strong determination will be good for him when he's older :) I just need to make sure he doesn't hurt himself before then!  Lincoln is a funny kid too!  He loves to make "potty" jokes and pick on his older siblings. He can be sweet at times, but usually prefers to be crazy!  He tries my patience a lot but also makes me laugh all the time!  I sure love that crazy Linc!!!


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