Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I think I say it every single month, but I can't believe my little Millie is one month older...time is flying by!!!  Next month she will be ONE!  I can't believe it!!  I love watching her grow and her little personality blossom, but it is still a tiny bit sad to say goodbye to the baby years!  Dan, on the other hand, is so excited for the kids to grow and "get big" so they can do fun things with him....like go hiking/camping, go to the movies, go on big rollercoasters.  There are definitely fun things about every stage in life!  Here are some pics of Millie at 11 months.  She is crawling on her hangs and knees everywhere now and getting in to everything!  She loves getting in to the cabinets in the kitchen and playing with the pots.  She also can pull her self up to things now.  She isn't as drooly as she was last month, but she still has no teeth!  I love you Miss Millie!!!

 This sweet girl sure puts up with a lot from her brother! 


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